I’m back!

So… I have spent the last 2 years cycling from England to Thailand! 🙂

I think that I was pretty green along the way! We hardly bought anything (other than food of course – and that was all local) we didn’t use cars or planes (although I will admit to some trains and buses – it is a very big world after all) and hardly used any electricity.

Now though, I am back! And back on to my crusade of being green.

Or trying to be at least.

Currently I am visiting my sister in Liechtenstein (yes! It’s a country – a very small one) but soon life will return to normal when we move to a new place in Cheltenham. Then I will be attempting to be ‘plastic free’. I will also be using the three R’s very heavily. Reducing, reusing and recycling. In that order of course.

I have already started to research the area and am very happy to know that we are on the doorstep of the Cotswolds and not far from the Brecon Beacons. Lots of lovely cycling, hiking and climbing adventures to go on!

I do hope you will join me in this new adventure. I am rather excited about it all.

I hope to compile a list of all things green in the area for starters. So you should hear from me soon!


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Green and annoying?

We went canoeing down the river Wye this weekend. It was great fun, although I now ache in all sorts of wierd and wonderful ways!

I’d insisted that it should be a ‘proper’ camping trip. No going to the pub for dinner and all that nonsense, (although we did still end up going for a couple of pints) and cooking our food on the fire or with the trangia.

However I realised that even though we were in the ‘great outdoors’ (or as great as it gets in England…) I was still having issues of trying to be green! My friends had bought disposable plastic plates and cutlery and wanted to thow it away instead of washing and re-using, and they kept on burning all the skewers in the fire because it was funny, and it kinda was!

So my question is this. How do you be green/eco-friendly/whatever and not annoy friends, family and anyone in your general vicinty?

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Buy a bike, plant a tree, save the world? (Maniates)

Climate change and global citizenship

Climate change and global citizenship – Should individuals take responsibility for their ‘crimes’ against the environment as much as the state and corporations?

My final essay for the degree that I recently finished. This is the part I really ejoyed, finding something I was interested in and getting my teeth stuck into it!

I’m hoping it may make a few people think a little about how we do things!

Although if you do pass this on please could you tag me as the author!

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Growing green

I believe this is my first post! Not that anyone will read it!

I’ve always been fairly conscientous, but have lately been realising that I have been rather lazy about it all, so have decided to try harder!

I’m hoping to post my misadventures on being green here (badly made presents and dying tomoatoes) for all the world to see in the hope that it might inspire others (and me!) to try harder!

Hope to see more of you.

Tiredly Green

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